Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Plating Processing Supplier

In the time since Component Surfaces began operations in 2004, we have seen where some customers have done things that contribute significantly to the success of the products we work on with them, so we would like to share some of these insights.

In our new blog series, we will be giving out tips and recommendations for working with a plating process supplier.

Production Application Information 

For parts being processed by a plating supplier for the first time or in an original RFQ, it can be very helpful to share how the parts will be assembled, or how they will be used in the ultimate application. For instance, if parts will be assembled by a high-temperature brazing process, this information will help the plating supplier develop a plating sequence that will perform well at that temperature. On the other hand, if a part will be assembled using a low temperature cured epoxy, the supplier may be able to suggest a plating sequence with fewer steps and a lower cost, higher throughput, or quicker turnaround time. There are many choices a plating supplier will make with respect to the processing sequence, fixturing, and testing. Providing more information regarding the requirements of the parts allows for an early opportunity to better optimize the performance, pricing, and delivery of the services you will be receiving.