Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Plating Processing Supplier

In the time since Component Surfaces began operations in 2004, we have seen where some customers have done things that contribute significantly to the success of the products we work on with them, so we would like to share some of these insights.

In our new blog series, we will be giving out tips and recommendations for working with a plating process supplier.

Submitting an RFQ for Plating Processing Services

When requesting pricing and delivery for new products, it is always best to send a prototype order ahead of time for a processing run, prior to determining volume production pricing.

The best price and delivery will be based on actual processing results. An experienced plating company can estimate the processing cost of a requirement, but they understand where finalized costs have the risk of running higher. For instance, the amount of precleaning and activation steps might need to be increased or there might be a limit on the number of parts that can be processed in each run due to deposit thickness variations or other factors. Without the benefit of gathering information with a trial run, these extra costs would need to be considered in the final price.

In many cases, we know that you may need to have pricing estimates ahead of time to prepare cost with your customer or to include in your own planning. But whenever the possibility of an early trial plating run exists, it is smart to take advantage of it to get the best pricing for plating your products as early as possible.